Five Ways unique ways to Give Your Kitchen a Vintage Look

Unique Twist to making your cabinets old fashion

Vintage furniture, decorations, and kitchenware can add a sense of history and nostalgia to your kitchen. Give a modern kitchen a vintage twist with a few well-chosen items or add character to an older kitchen with a whole collection of vintage finds. Here are five ways to give your kitchen a vintage vibe.

Display Vintage Kitchen items

if you already have a collection of vintage teacups, saucers, cake stands, storage tins, utensils, and other kitchen items, display them on open shelves or In a vintage cabinet with a glass door. Group items of similar colors together even if the patterns don’t match. Fix cup hooks to the edges of wooden shelves so that you can display dainty teacups and milk jugs. if you don’t yet own any items of vintage kitchenware, shop for them online, in thrift stores, and at garage and estate sales

Edge You Shelves

edge-cabinetsFixing decorative shelf edging to the outside edges of your shelves is a very quid<, easy, and inexpensive way of giving your kitchen a vintage look White lace shelf edging gives shelves a crisp, clean appearance. However, if your kitchen contains lots of colorful vintage items, shelf edging with a floral or fruit pattern may be more suitable.

Many types of shelf edging are available online, including pleated, embroidered, crocheted and paper. Try to find authentic vintage shelf edging that hasn’t been used or search on websites such as eBay and Etsy for modern versions of vintage shelf edging.

Put Up a Vintage Advertising Sign

From Heinz Tomato Ketchup to Coca-Cola a, a wide variety of vintage signs advertising many different kinds of food and drink products are available. Choose one that blends in well with the color scheme in your kitchen. To give your kitchen a touch of history, opt for a sign advertising a product that Is no longer on sale. If you have a vintage storage container with a product logo on it, give your kitchen a unified look by putting up a sign advertising the same product.

Add a Free-Standing Kitchen Cabinet

Free-standing kitchen cabinets were very popular in the 19505 and 19605 they were often painted light blue, mint green or sunshine yellow. The simplest vintage kitchen cabinets consist of two cupboards and two drawers while the more complex ones incorporate a variety of glass-fronted and wooden-fronted cupboards and drawers, sometimes with internal shelves and dividers.

Look for an authentic freestanding vintage kitchen cabinet online or in a thrift store. if it is in a good condition, just clean It up and add it to your kitchen. If It Is a little worse for wear or if you need to paint it a different color so that it blends in with your kitchen’s color scheme, you can easily return it to its former glory by finding and painting it before giving it pride of place in your kitchen. Once the cabinet has been painted, line the shelves with oilcloth or vintage shelf liners